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Do Unclean Ovens Improve Flavours? Really?!

Posted by Karen Davis Wednesday, July 5, 2017 9:49:00 AM

The myth that unclean ovens enhance food's flavour is wrong, potentially expensive and damaging to your health - making oven cleaning imperative! Here is why.

The myth surrounding unclean ovens most likely traces back to the common process of seasoning (building up of fats and oils in the cooking surface's crevices) grill pans and skillets. This well tried and tested process does indeed keep cast iron cookware in peak condition, while simultaneously aiding the cooking process and enhancing flavours.

Unclean Ovens vs. Oven Cleaning

Unfortunately, ovens don't work in this way. Here, food spillages and accumulated grease do not increase flavours, but ruin them by simply burning and creating an excessive amount of smoke in your oven.

What's more, as these smoky build-ups increase over time, your oven has to work harder and harder to cook your food - which will increase your energy bill substantially and significantly shorten your oven's life span.

Finally, but by no means least importantly, unclean ovens are real hotspots (if you'll excuse the pun) for bacteria growth, which is, of course, a threat to your family's health. This threat is further added to by food not being cooked properly due to clogged up heating elements and fans.

Effective oven cleaning, on the other hand, will ensure your food is always cooked properly, there is no risk of harmful bacteria growing inside your oven and - as your oven can work efficiently - reduce your energy costs and extend your oven's life span.

Professional Oven Cleaning

While keeping your oven clean is obviously of utmost importance, it is also one of the most hated kitchen chores. If you want to protect your family's health, your wallet and your oven while avoiding having to deal with this loathed job, consider getting professional oven cleaners to do it for you.

Efficient, reasonably priced and using exclusively non-toxic cleaning products, our members will clean your oven fast, thoroughly and at your convenience, giving you time to enjoy more pleasurable activities. Why not book an appointment right now? You can find a local oven cleaning company here.